Tenant tips

The process of renting accommodation

When you find a place you would like to live, there is an application process.

The application form is often completed and emailed to the office, it contains the following information:

• Name or Names of applicants
• Address (s)
• Telephone & email (s)
• Current address (s)
• Date of Birth(s)
• PPS number(s)

If the tenancy a corporate letting and the applicant is newly arrived or non-domiciled, a company registration number may be acceptable for the purposes of tenancy registration.

Verification of identity is usually by provision of a copy of driver’s licence or passport.

Two references are required as a letter of recommendation and are usually provided by your current or a previous landlord, a work or business reference, bank reference or a personal reference. These should accompany the application.

All information is treated as confidential. We respect your personal information, Unsuccessful applications are destroyed, successful applications are kept on locked file for the duration of the tenancy.

Once these are submitted, they are verified and the application is referred to the Landlord for consideration. A successful applicant can expect a draft lease to be prepared which is usually emailed, this is an important document and should be read carefully and any queries can be addressed at this point.

Once all parties are in agreement and happy to proceed, two copies are printed and bound and the tenants sign them. These are then forwarded to the landlord to sign and a copy is returned to the tenants. A rent book may be provided. The first months rent and deposit are paid and a set of keys are handed over.

Utilities may be transferred at this point and meter reading may need to be taken. The 2004 Residential Tenancy Act holds, that the tenancy must be registered with the Private Residential Tenancy Board (PRTB) this is now carried out online by Blackdoor Property and you should expect verification of the tenancy from the PRTB within a few months.

Blackdoor Property manages many of the properties it lets and is usually on call should there be any queries or issues throughout the tenancy.